Top 20 Mens Long Hairstyles 2017

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 - Long Hair, Men

Having a long hair will demand us to have the best long hairstyles men so we will be able to maximize our appearance. Here, I will give you some suggestions about the men long hairstyles so you will have more references for styling your hair. I will give you some way for styling your hair and some products that you need for making your hair look awesome. Now, the first model of long hairstyles is the curl and wavy long hairstyles. medium long hairstyles for men

Types of Long Hairstyles Men

Curl and Wavy Hairstyles

Having casual and stylish look can be acquired through styling your hair in curl and wavy styles. These long mens hairstyles will focus on making some curl in the peak of your hair and wavy hair. First, you need to make an off-middle part so you will have balanced hair in both side of your hair. And then, you can continue by giving some curler in the peak of your hair. This curler will give you the casual look. You can add some stiffing hairspray for creating a strong curl.

You better put small amount of hairspray so it will not make your hair become really stiff as in the wavy and curl, we need a good flow in our hair. Then, when you have get a good setting in the curl and flow, you can add some products that can control the humidity in your hair and the frizz. The last touch, you need to add liquid shine to give more elegant color in your hair and make your hair become fabulous long hairstyles for men. long hair hairstyles for men

Beachy Hairstyles

If you want to look a little bit hot and sexy with the longer hairstyles for men, I think the beachy hairstyles will be great for you. This hairstyle will give you a nice touch because it will add a fresh look of the beach in your appearance. For styling this hair, first, you better set your hair to chin length and then, straighten it to bring the smooth lining in your hair. Then, you have to make a thin layering in your bottom part of your hair.

The touch of the long hairstyles men with beachy style will focus on creating sunlight effect in the hair. You can get that sunlightened effect in your hair by adding ombre highlight on your hair. It will give a natural sun lightened color in your hair and you have to set it according to your desire. Those are two men long hair that I suggest for your beautiful long hair.

Description: long hairstyles men will bring a great appearance and two suggested long hairstyles for you are the curl and wavy and beachy hairstyles for their easy setting.

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