Top 10 Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Men and Women 2018

Friday, August 25th, 2017 - Black, Men, Short Hair

Nowadays, Black Mohawk is not only as a hairstyle but as the custom for men and women as well. This kind of Mohawk is usually used and spread in many countries. It is a western style that has been spread in Indonesia. The black braid Mohawk style has many characteristics how to make this style with a simple method which is popular. There are some methods to make a black braid Mohawk either a short or a long hair. mohawk hairstyle for men

A short black braid Mohawk

Firstly, people who have a short black Mohawk hairstyles can be made or tided head up. It is to make a small braid shape. Secondly, after tiding up, take three pieces of hair from every right and left side into a small braid. A short black Mohawk hairstyle is more difficult to shape it on because it needs a persistent pattern. Then, after having a three pieces from every right and left side, take three pieces of hair in the upper side and braid it up into a right and left side that have been braided. These methods are used to beautify a short braid hair.

Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Men

In addition, when people have this kind of hair, they can shape it into different pieces of short black Mohawk. Those pieces are two and three pieces braid. In other words, two pieces are smaller than three pieces braid. This style is appropriate for those who have a short hair because it is easy to braid it up in every side. mohawk fade hairstyles for men

A long black braid Mohawk

Black Mohawk hairstyles which is long can be made into several methods. First, take a hair and divide it into two parts. The first part is in the upper of head and the second part is in the right and left side. Second, curve and unite those hairs in the upper head into one bond. This kind of style is very popular with a curve in one bond in the upper head.

Third, in the lower part of black Mohawk, it can be braided into right and left side. It can be taken three pieces of hair into small pieces. Then, braid them up into small pieces in the whole of right and left side. This style seems like small pieces of braid which spreads in the lower head. If it is made two parts which is in the upper and lower head, it looks like a different braid Mohawk which is short.


Description: The popular black Mohawk hairstyles is the braid which is made up in a short and long braid. It will have a good looking of a different style with a beautiful braid.

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