Men’s and Women’s Trendy Short Hair 2018

Monday, September 4th, 2017 - Men, Short Hair

trendy short hair works at its best for either women or men. This haircut is pretty simple and easy to style and manage. However, you should learn the treatment to keep it perfect. If you don’t want to be messed up with your hair, try this trendy short hair. This haircut is simple and easy to care and treat. You will spend less time and money to take good care of it. Besides, you can still have a fancy, stunning, elegant, and charming with this cool haircut for short hair. Furthermore, this short haircut is suitable for both men and women at any age. Wonderful! best short haircuts for 2015

Short Haircut for Women

There are some trendy short hairstyles 2016 that you can apply for your own. Some celebrities also apply this hairstyle for short hair. Take a look at Anne Hathaway’s short haircut. Her dark shiny hair is longer on top yet it has shorter sides. It is easy to do. First, you should style your wet hair with a styling product and blow it dry. You can use your fingers or a styling brush. Then, use a flat iron to apply a hair smooth longer pieces and thermal protection before you use a hair shiner product. Finish it with a spray. Heart and oval face shapes and hair with medium density and texture is suitable for this haircut.

Short Haircut for Men

For men, angular fringe becomes a part of trendy short hairstyles 2016. This style starts to be famous in 2015 to this present year. The tapered sides are combined with the long top layer and the cut angle. You will have such a cool and stylish look with this hairstyle for short hair. The good point of this short haircut is that it suits all face shapes. However, men with the round face will have the best look with it. short haircut styles 2015

How To Treat And Care Your Short Haircut

After you find the trendy short haircuts 2016 which suits you the best, you should treat and care it. Your short hair should be dry before you sleep. If your hair is not dry, you will have it messed up. Besides, your cool haircut for short hair may be damaged for breakage or hair loss if you keep it wet before you sleep. Moreover, sleeping with wet hair brings another effect. Your hair will lack of volume in the morning. It will be flattened and messy. To overcome it, you can use volumizer or have your hair dry before you sleep.

To have your hair dried, you can use blow-dryer. However, it may harm your hair. Your hair may be too dry as it may be broken. Natural drying is the solution. Make sure that your trendy short hair is about 90% dry. Then, you can feel safe in using blow-dry. To tidy up your short hair, you must have a small round brush. It is helpful to grab the shortest part of your hair. It can also straighten your hair without any bad effect that can be caused by standard size flat iron. The point is, “brush is cheaper!” Thus, you can have the best haircut for short hair without spending too much money.


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