How To Get Curly Hair For Men : Hairstyles Tips, Trick, And Suggestion

Sunday, August 27th, 2017 - Curly, Men

how to get curly hair for men discussion Hairstyles includes some tips, trick, and suggestion to help men treat and care their hair. It is important to identify the hair firstly for further treatment. If you dudes want to have curls for your hair, try some steps on how to get curly hair for men without texturizer and chemicals. These steps are pretty simple that you can try yourself. Being curly headed deals with freedom and anti-mainstream look because men’s attraction does not depend on the kind of his hair. It depends on the way they appreciate themselves. Check these men’s curly hair tips out! how to get natural curly hair for black men

Identify Your Hair

The first step on how to get curly hair for black men is to profile your hair. It is important to examine your hair firstly. You will need a ruler and mirror. Measure your hair from your head center. Then you can find out the type of curls you belong in. there are 5 types of curl; type I to V. Curl type I needs 2 to 3 inches to form a curl. It is suitable for those whose hair is less than 3 inches. It is pretty similar with wavy hair. Famous actors like Hugh Grant and Antonio Banderas have this curly hair type.

If you want to have an ultra-curly hairstyle, curl type V is suitable for you. This curl is formed by hair with length less than 0.125 inches. It is famous as kinky or Afro – textured hair. Will Smith has this hair too. By identifying your hair as the step on how to get curly hair for black men, you can decide the type of curl you will to get curly hair guys

Treatment for Curls: Moisture more, avoid oil

The next thing to do on how to get curly hair for men is choosing the right hair treatment product. Curly hair should be washed and moisturized regularly. The moisturizer should not contain oil for the best result. By having a well-moisturized curls, it will ease you to manage your hair. The best time to apply the hair treatment product according to the curly hair tips for men is when your hair is still wet. Make sure you apply it before your hair is dried. It will lock the moisturizer for your hair. Then, dry it naturally and clump it together with a comb, paddle brush, or fingers.

As the final curly hair tips for men, to improve your look, you can try any style for your curly hair. Just let it grow longer and have a cut. By having a longer curly hair, it is easier to apply any style and type of curl. You can try any curl type; type I to V. however, make sure that your hair is maintained very well. Therefore, you will feel safe to have the curly hair. That’s all of how to get curly hair for men.


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