HOAX: Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair Maintenance and Growth

Monday, September 4th, 2017 - Tips and Tricks

protective hairstyle for short natural hairstyle is actually a hoax and causing some bad effect to your hair, learn more about them here. It has been in while that the protective hairstyles for natural hair issue is on many hairstylist’s big talk. It becomes a trending topic which is protracted the stories in realm of hair and its stylists about the growth of natural and healthy maintenance for hair which the issues say that this protective hair style has its skill to do about it. If you are new in the hairstyle world, then let us tell you something about this one. This protective hairstyles for natural hair requires you to do some procedures such as tucking ends. This way believed to be the procedures that allow you to get longer hair grow naturally, but that is now how things work in this world. We have found out that rather than creating such result, this way causing some unpleasant experiences. protective braided hairstyles for natural hair

issues protective hairstyles for natural hair

The news spread about this hoax and create myth about this protective hairstyles for natural hair method, telling people that this is the easy natural hairstyles, but in fact, it is just a bunch of irresponsible hoax. Here are some effects that you will get by doing this kind of method:

Crumpled Hair is the first effect you will get

Some people who have undergo this protective hairstyles for short natural hair growth find their hair twisted in mess. The tucking procedures are the reasons why their hair is being that way. Some people who have tried this model are quitting this one and changed into another style due to their wrinkled hairs. twist hairstyles on natural hair

Hair Broken and Drying effect

The other matter you will face when you do this protective styles for natural hair growth is the dryness hair due to its untouched and lack of maintenance and care for some times. It seems like you waste your hair and let it be that way without even allow it to get some treatment. This is just crazy way which lead to the emergence of dandruffs and in the end resulting some damage on your hair.

Well, this protective styles for short natural hair growth is confirmed to be hoax and not recommended to be used. If you are really want to do the natural hair growth, and then you can substitute this protective hair stuff with the method of low manipulation hair styling which is believed to be the true one to grow hair naturally. Do you want to try it?

styles picture HOAX: Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair Maintenance and Growth