Hairstyles for Girls: the Ones for Long and Medium-Haired Girls

Friday, August 25th, 2017 - Long Hair

Hairstyles for girls with long hair and medium hair can be simple yet beautiful if you choose Ponytail Veil and Quick Twist respectively. They look very good even for your usual days. Whether they are hairstyles for girls with long hair or short one, hairstyles nowadays vary to each other. Of course, they are ranging from the simplest to the most complicated ones to be styled on the girls’ hair. However, girls like to appear beautiful even in their usual days. Now then, the writer will tell you one example of each long and medium hairstyle here. You will see how chic they can be. girl-hairstyles-for-long-hair-image-gallery

Girls’ Long Hairstyle: Ponytail Veil

If what you are looking for is hairstyles for girls with long hair, the writer will recommend you to style Ponytail Veil on your hair. Well, being called ponytail, this hairstyle will not make you tie all of your hair in the back. Rather, you can still call it a hairstyle that let loose your hair with only some parts tied together. In order to make this long hairstyle for girls, you need to have straight long hair. Then, take some hairs on the front left and tied them with elastic band.

Make one on the front middle and one on front right too. Divide the left ponytail into two parts. Join the right part with left part of the divided middle ponytail. Tie the left part of left ponytail with the loose hair below it to hold it firmly. Do the same steps with the right ponytail. Then, tie them together again with their respective half part earlier. After this, you can just tie all ponytails together in the middle. The ponytail in this kind of hairstyles for girls with long hair acts like a veil for your loose hair below it. beautiful-hairstyles-for-girls-with-long-hair-2015-trend

Girls’ Medium Hairstyle: Quick Twist

If you want to make your medium hair looks tidy in your days, you can just make quick twist with it. As how the writer calls this medium hairstyle for girls, twisting will be the main action you will take to style your hair with it. Not to mention, it is timeless to make it done. It is perfect for those who have busy days. So, how to style this kind of hairstyles for girls with medium hair anyway? Well, it is pretty simple, actually. First, you need to divide your hair into two parts.

Remember that this hairstyle positions the twist in the occipital part of your head. So, the second thing you need to do is to twist the left hair part first horizontally in that part. Pin the hair down with bobby pin. Join the rest of the hair with the right hair part. Bring them up and twist them horizontally above the first horizontal twist. Then, pin them down again and use hair ornament to cover the end part. You will look beautiful with this kind of hairstyles for girls with medium hair on.


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