5 Easy Ways to Make Hair Grow Faster naturally

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 - Tips and Tricks

ways to make your hair grow faster are including many factors; nutrition, hair tools and psychological aspect. By completing and considering those factors, you will have healthy hair growth.

There are some ways to make your hair grow faster. These ways are pretty easy and simple that you can do them yourself. Some additional helps will be needed. Yet you should not worry. Stuff you need help your hair grow is easy to find. Besides, as you choose stuff you need for your hair growth, you can make sure the safety. So, check them out. to make your hair grow faster

ways to make your hair grow faster

Concern the Food Nutrition

First and the foremost ways to make hair grow faster, you should consider the nutrition of your food. Choose the food which contains minerals and vitamins which are healthy, important and helpful for your hair growth. The useful materials are iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium and copper, while the vitamins are vitamins A, B, C, B-complex and E. You can find the nutrition in milk, yoghurt, chicken, eggs, salmon, broccoli, spinach, parsley and others. Make sure that you consume those foods regularly.

Regular Hair Moisturize

The next way to make hair grow faster is hair moisturizing. You can use castor oil as the natural hair moisturizer. The omega-9 and Vitamin E which are available in castor oil can help your hair growth. To use it, you can combine this oil with other oils; coconut, almond, or olive. Then, use it to massage your scalp and let it absorb about 30 to 45 minutes before you wash your hair. Some essential oils like peppermint, rosemary, lavender, thyme, or eucalyptus are also helpful factors for your hair progress.

Brush and Pillowcase

Brushing is one of ways to make hair grow. Brushing can clean your hair and scalp from any dirt. However, your hair will be broken and fall if you brush it too hard. Thus, brush it smoothly and tenderly as if your hair were spun from gold. Use the extra-smooth brush for the best result. Furthermore, pillowcase takes important role for your hair growth. Cotton pillowcase may bring risk of hair breakage. Thus, sateen or silk pillowcase is recommended and preferred than cotton pillowcase. The sateen or silk pillowcase has the softer surface. It will lessen the risk of hair breakage because it would not cause hair friction. Your hair will grow safely while you are sleeping.

Avoid Stress for Healthy Life

Besides physical ways, psychology is also an important matter for your hair growth. Stress becomes an essential possibility that may cause hair loss. Thus, as the way to make your hair grow, you should be possible to avoid stress. Stress can be managed with some relaxation exercises; breathing exercise or meditation. By doing those relaxation exercises regularly, you will be able to manage the stress. Your sleep will have more quality that increases your growth hormone.


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