Cool And Trendy Men’s Hairstyles for Short Hair to Medium Length Hair

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 - Men

Trendy men’s hairstyles is an important element that can enhance men’s performance. And as time is passing, They can apply any haircuts for their own in such an easy and simple way. These hairstyles are varied to medium length hair. men’s hairstyle is change along the happening trend. Therefore, to get the best and the most handsome look, men choose the best haircuts. Here are some notable and men’s cool haircuts and tutorials to apply it for your own, dudes. trendy haircuts for 2015

British look for men

For you dudes, who want to have a dandy British look, you can try Brit Pop Crop. It is one of the trendy men’s hairstyles. It is pretty simple and easy to apply it for your own. First, you should use a light mousse that can add volume for your wet hair. Then, use your fingers to control your hair while using a hairdryer and combine it with a vent brush. Then, style your hairline on sides, back and front with a downward motion. Hair in the crown area should be rough to get a bit of volume. And as the finishing touch, use a light hold hairspray. This men’s trendy hairstyle is suitable for those with round, oval or square face shape and those who have fine hair.

Seductive Medium Haircut

If you guys have medium hair, this trendy medium hairstyles is suitable for you. It is mentioned as Choppy Sexy cool. You will have such a sexy, seductive and passionate look. First, you should apply a light texturizing lotion for your dry hair. Then, blow it with a brush, it can be Denman or vent brush, to create a controlled finish for a small movement. Then, use your fingertips to separate your hair as you make your sides smooth to the back and down. For a piece effect, you can define the fringe. To finish it, use a hairspray with medium hold. The best face shapes for this trendy medium hairstyles are square, round or oval.2015 trendy haircuts

Evergreen men’s hairstyle for medium length

If your hair is little bit longer, you can apply the trendy medium length hairstyles. You will have a cool look with your straight or wavy medium length hair. It is pretty simple; you just let it grow and cut it a bit. To style it, you only need to add styling lotion or lightweight product after you wash it. Your frizzy hair will be perfect after you apply the styling product.

As a matter of fact, this men’s cool haircuts for medium length is inspired from 1960s musicians such as the Doors, the Beatles and the Rolling Stone. It features fringe that cover your back neck and ears. It seems old, yet it is still applied in the present days. Andrea Pirlo applies this haircut too. Finally, those are trendy haircuts for men.


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