30 easy formal hairstyles for Long, Medium, and Short Hair

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 - Prom, Weddings

Formal hairstyles for long hair, short and medium can modified in many styles or models such those steps because it is very simple and is appropriate for many people. In recent years, there are many formal hairstyles such as formal hairstyles for long hair, medium and short hair which is popular. To create those formal hairstyles usually needs many treatments, protections, and certain ways to get a good hairstyle for long hair. Those treatments and steps are generally used in modeling and some artist in certain formal programs. 2015 hairstyles for medium hair

formal hairstyles for long hair

First of all, to have a chic hairstyle for long hair, people must prevent the damage of formal hairstyles for long hair from the dirt hair in order to protect the hairstyle. In other words, the hair must be clean up on the whole hairs twice or three times a week because a long hair needs extra protections. Second, after having a clean and smooth hair, the hair is ready to be beautified with a curl on the tip hair. Then, unite all the tips hair to be curled in order to make a chic formal hairstyle for long hair by using certain product.

Fourth, blow formal hairstyles for long hair in a top hair smoothly by using hairdryer to equalize the tip hair which is curl. It is one way to make it chic based on the top and the tip of long hair. In addition, to protect such this kind of hairstyle, people can use a smooth comb when combing this hairstyle to prevent the damage style of a curly hair which actually has a long hair. hairstyles for medium hair 2015

How to beautify a medium and short hair

To protect and to keep a chic formal hairstyles for medium hair, people are not necessary using many utensils as difficult as long hair because medium hair only needs how to styling and how to shaping the medium hair. Firstly, use a ribbon or headband in formal program in order to more tidy up. Secondly, take a piece of hair from right and left side to be braided into small braid and unite it in the top of the hair. Thirdly, unite all the hairs which is not braided with two pieces braid.

Then, to make a chic formal hairstyles for short hair, people can use a ribbon in a top of hair. On the other hand, use a ribbon rope to unite a right and left side and make it curly by using a roll hair. Furthermore, use a piece of hair in front of the forehead and use it with a ribbon in order to be more chic. It is the formal hairstyle for a short hair that is compatible to be used such this style.


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