20 styles of taper fade with long hair on top

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 - Long Hair, Men

For this year and as previous decades, taper fades haircuts reach its popularity. Men all over the world mostly apply this haircut. This simple yet stunning hairstyle gives masculine and tough look for men. Besides, it is suitable for any face shape and any kind of hair; long silky hair, curly and kinky hair, and others. So, men can have their own taper fade hairstyle. However, do you realize that this hairstyle is constructed from two different terms? Literally and historically, term “taper” and “fade” are different. taper long hair

Taper refers to the transition of top longer hair and bottom short hairs on sides and back of head. On contrary, fade was generally mentioned in Afro – American barber shop. It refers to condition when dark hair is faded in black men skin. In other words, fade is super-short taper haircut where hair is faded with man’s skin while it is moving upward at back and sides of head. However, for the sake of style, terms are not a matter. Taper fade haircuts reach its popularity. This masculine hairstyle is applied by man all around the world.

DIY Taper Fade: Simple and Easy

How to apply taper fade with long hair on top? Follow these simple directions; you should dampen your hair then dry it with towel. Next, find your part and separate it equally on both sides. Use the longest guard to go straight all the way. Then, stop an inch under the first pass after you switch to 3/8 inch. Blend with your shortest guard and clean up the rest – which includes ear and back of neck- with clipper without the attachment. You will have hair with taper fade style for your manly and elegant performance. This hairstyle is appropriate for any events; party, school, family gathering or pub-crawling.

Popular Taper Fade Styles

Taper fade with long hair on top has many variants. As time is passing by, this haircut is improved along with the happening trend. Take a look at Mohawk Taper Fade. This haircut is included into the popular taper fade style. In this hairstyle the length of back hair is increased from the bottom to the top. The Faux Hawk style is constructed from the longer hairs on top. To create the cool form, you can use a small amount of pomade. Use it gently as you lift your hair. And you will have a masculine and tough look with this stunning taper fade hairstyle. long hair taper fades

African – American Taper Fade Style

As the pioneer of this stunning and manly hairstyle, Afro – American men apply taper fade hairstyle too. Their curly hair is style on the top of head. The length of hair is gathered on it. In the other hand, the rest of hair is thinned downward as it is vanished. The curls and kinky hair is the focal point of this taper fade haircut. To make it easy to manage and shiny, you can use a particular conditioner for curl that contains cream. It works for your curly and kinky hair.

styles picture 20 styles of taper fade with long hair on top