20 cute hairstyles for long straight hair with Easy Tutorial in 5 minutes

Friday, August 25th, 2017 - Long Hair, Straight, Thick, Thin

By delivering a post about cute hairstyles for long straight hair ,thin and medium thick hair, we will help you solve some problems regarding long hair. Since styling hair is just one thing that girls cannot skip since it is one good way to be dashing, many girls are even necessarily takes some hours just to make their hair ready. Regarding that long time to pack up some dashing hair, have you ever find yourself in such a tight time when you can only able to garnish the hairs of yours in a glance? Well, if that is one stuff you ever experienced before then we are here ready to solve that matter. cute hairstyles for long thin straight hair

Well, this kind of complexities regarding your cute hairstyles for long thick hair is just often happen in the Monday morning when everything seems to be in hurry than the other time. Moreover, it is long hair anyway, so it just need some times to jazz it up to its best, but do not worry, we got our hair experts here giving you this amazing anti-time consuming cute hairstyle for long hairstyling called Hippie in the beach.

The Preparations:

Before getting this cute hairstyles for long thin hair, you will need to prepare some stuff to start with like the curling iron (1-1.5 inches), bobby pins, shine spray and the light hairspray. Once you have done preparing those stuff, then you can proceed to the styling. For your info, this hair styling is not working for the short hair with any conditions, whether it is dry or unwashed. cute hairstyles for long length hair

How to do the Hippie in the beach hairstyle for long hair?

This cute hairstyles for long thin hair called hippie beach styling should be started by flipping hair and sprits some hairsprays gently before flip it up underside. Fright after that one process done, finger tousles it when the sprayed hairs are done and bobby pin some bang hairs to get the rest of the styling first. When those three processes are well, then you need to curl some sections in the ear level.

The next step to get this cute hairstyles for long thin hair ready is to finish the other curling into your bang hair area and do the finger spread to the hair of the nape neck level and shake it up little bit (but not too much), then you can proceed the finishing by pinning some hairs to the back in both sides and lock them up within your bobby pin, and voila. Now you look like a hippie in the beach!

cute hairstyles for long thin hair to get within 5 minutes in a hurry time is just possible, in this post we are giving you one hairstyling called the Hippie in the beach, read this post if you want to know more about it

styles picture 20 cute hairstyles for long straight hair with Easy Tutorial in 5 minutes