20 Best Hairstyles for Asian Men 2018

Friday, August 25th, 2017 - Men, Short Hair

we are here again bringing you a theme about Asian hairstyles men some people are just going crazy with this K-pop culture recently called the Hallyu. It is just mentioned as kind of culture outbreak which permeate on various aspects such as style and fashion, music taste, movies, and many else. When those things are getting involved, then there is one stuff that is certainly following: hairstyle. One of the renowned Hallyu star is this dancer, actor, and musician namely Bi or Rain. If you are looking for some Asian hairstyle as your references, then this man is one best specimen to follow. Recently, he was projected with the Instyle magazine in section of fashion and style for summer. Well, we are just going to say, let’s adapt it! popular hairstyles men

Asian short hairstyle represented by Korean dancer Bi is on the hot talk right now, if you are curious about it, then you should read this post carefully

Hairstyles for Asian Men

The Preparations

The first thing first to make your Asian male hairstyles like Rain has is that you do some preparation about it. You will need to use the brown hairs color spray and some hairspray to tamp your short hair up. This hair requires you to maximize your bangs by throwing it up on your forehead all the way to the side and covers up your upper face. This hair concept is actually similarly with the emo or any hilarious bangs hairstyles that is booming in late 2009s.

What to do to have Bi’s summer short hair?

The process comes to its start by coloring your hair by spraying the color hair spray in your short Asian men hairstyles. Just blend it up with your hair color and do not spray the whole hairs which lead to have the really changed hair color. The scenario about this Bi hair for summer is actually the natural color blends in messy scheme. asian hairstyles men short

Right after you have colored your short Asian short hair, then you can do some hair extension to tamp your hair in order to make it looks like full with the definition. Just do not forget to make it somewhat messy and shaggy to meet the demand of the first scenario. This defining the hair process is the finishing job you need to do. Now you can wear some summer clothes with such amazing Asian hairstyle to impress people.

This rain’s Asian short hairstyles and the photograph is now being a hit in the fashion world in a while. Since the summer is just near at hand to come, why don’t you feel excited to try this Korean hairstyle? We will be waiting for your shared experiences here!

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