20 Applying Cute Prom Hairstyle for Long, Medium and Short Hair

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 - Long Hair, Medium Hair, Prom, Short Hair

Cute prom hairstyles for medium hair can be applied with low loose curly hairdo, for the medium hair with roaring twenties, and for the medium short hair with tousled tresses. One of the most popular hairstyles is cute prom hairstyles for long hair. Nowadays, prom hairstyles become one of the most favorite hairstyles for women. It is because these hairstyles have the flexible situations. It means that it is appropriate for any situation. It is appropriate for going school, going to a party, going a formal event, and there are still many others. In this article, I will share how to apply this hairstyle.  how to prom hairstyles

cute hairstyles for medium short hair

Low Loose Curly Hairdo

Low loose curly hairdo is one of the simplest cute prom hairstyles for long hair. This long prom hairstyle can be applied on any length of hair. However, it will be best applied for long hair with curly hair. Firstly, you have to make your hair waved. If your curly hair is waved, let it be naturally waved. Make sure that the wave is low and down. Then, if you have fringe, you do not need to hesitate to straight it down.

Roaring Twenties

Besides that, there is also roaring twenties. It is one of the cute prom hairstyles for medium hair. It is a hairstyle where your hair has two curly sides’ ponytails. This hairstyle makes you comfortable to because it does not expose to your face. So, you can express and do your activities freely and comfortably. If you want to apply this, firstly you have to spray a hairspray to your hair. The, you can comb your hair. After that, make a side whether it is left side or right side. Then, gather your top hair with the ponytail near your ear. mens prom hairstyles

After that, the bottom hair should be grabbed into the side you decide and the ponytail near the ear. For the ponytail, you have to curl it and then pin both of them up to make your side look full. After all, spray your hair again with the hairspray. That is all how to create cute prom hairstyles for medium hair. What to be noted here is that you have to make sure that the hairspray should have a good quality.

Tousled Tresses

Then, tousled tresses can be one of the cute hairstyles for medium short hair. Firstly, shampoo your hair wholly. After that, comb your hair to make it tangle free. Then, take about 2 inches of the hair and then wrap the curling rod with it. Repeat this step until you get the top. Lastly, spray your hair with a hairspray to get the best result of cute medium short hairstyle.

styles picture 20 Applying Cute Prom Hairstyle for Long, Medium and Short Hair