100 Popular medium length hairstyles for men 2018

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 - Medium Hair, Men

Medium haircuts for men are not new model in men around. Some of men prefer to cut his hairstyle into the model. They have some reasons why they choose this style. Perhaps, the model is appropriate with the head shape and other reasons. The medium length hairstyles for men are also looks sexy and incredible. This hairstyle is appropriate with all of head shape of men. For this hairstyle most of men assume that this model make them in natural atmosphere and look shaggy. Here we give you some popular hairstyle for length medium hair. Medium mens hairstyles have some popular style for men around. You can opt, whether you will neatly looks, free spirit, or long on top with short in the side completed with comb style and hair gel.medium length hairstyles 2015

Dapper Hairstyle

This medium length hairstyle is suitable for formal occasion to get some impressions. Lightly gel for your hair complete the dapper looks for you to come in the formal occasion. Then brush your hair back aim, tuck it into behind your ears to complete perfectly. You can add soft effect for your hair with your finger into the same direction. It will make your comb lines perfectly soft.

Free Spirit

Free spirit model is one of the medium hairstyles men that suitable for American and African hair texture. You can use towel to dry the hair of yours after using shampoo or some frizz nutrition for your hair. Then, let your hair go wild. Comb your hair and tidy up for your favorite dry. This makes your hair in charming appearance. This kind of medium length men hairstyles needed less effort. popular medium length hairstyles

Long On the Top with Side Short

This medium length hairstyles men which is long on the top and short in the side is very popular nowadays. You can cut off the side and back into shorter. Then let the top of your hair longer than other sides. It looks sleek while you comb and complete with hair gel. You can comb into parting side to get the retro accent. This model can work perfectly and you may mess around if you want to get different looks.

Those are some best medium mens hairstyles that you can choose. The best will suit in you whatever your head shape, because the medium length hairstyles for men appropriate with different head shape. You can add some comb styles to get some atmosphere if you want. Hair gel or some hair nutrition you may add for your hair to make your hair neat and healthy. You are a man who will get women’s compliments; you should try one of those hair style.


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