10 Popular Short spiky hairstyles For Men & Women 2018

Sunday, August 27th, 2017 - Men, Short Hair

spiky hair is the most popular style in recent years. It is not only for men but for women as well that produces many steps with various styles. Some of them are a trendy and casual spiky hairstyles. there are many spiky hairstyles which are trends in teenagers, adults, even in the children. Those styles usually are built from the popular era in many countries such as Europe, America, china, Korean and others. These styles have some characteristics such as trendy spiky haircuts, casual spiky hairstyle for men and many others. short spiky hairstyles for women over 50

Trendy spiky hairstyle

The popular trendy spiky haircuts is various. To make a trendy spiky hairstyle needs certain ways. Firstly, the hair must be in a clean and smooth condition. In other words, the hair must be washed before styling a trendy spiky hairstyle. Secondly, the hair must be dried because the weight water can pursue the hair to stand up. Thirdly, the hair must be straightened to make it easy in styling a trendy spiky hairstyle because when people who have a curly and wavy hair, it is difficult to blow them down.

Then, people must use the certain product to simplify either curly or wavy hair in getting spiky hairstyles. In addition, the hair must be created a spike which means to make the hair stand it up by using a finger. Then, to get a good spiky hairstyles, it must be held with an extra holding for having a strong spiky in a long day. Those characteristics are used to simplify trendy spiky hairstyle that is popular in recent years.

A casual spiky hairstyle for men

There is also spiky hairstyles for men which have many styles. Firstly, to create a casual spiky hairstyle for men, they need to use certain product in applying into their head because it is the key in standing the hair up along day. Secondly, men will look like a casual if they can touch spike all day in order to get a casual style. It is the way how to make good casual spiky hairstyles. spiky hairstyles for guys

Furthermore, when using a spiky hair for men is actually needs an extra-long time in order to get a long spike because time reflects a strong spike. Fourthly, when using a certain product to spike the hair, it is necessary to spray in maximum time in order to get good spiky hairstyles with a strong spike. Those steps are used in popular of trendy and casual spiky hairstyles for men. It may be used a spiky hairstyles in many conditions such as having fun, recreation, party and other events which is informal.


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