10 Easy Summer Hairstyles for Long & Short Hair 2018

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 - Short Hair

women who have short hair may use the versions of summer haircuts in this summer days. These versions can be created by their selves so that they do not to go to salons. Whether you are spending your summer days with laying on the beach, reading books in the library or doing your hobby, you need to beat the heat this summer by making summer hairstyles to complete your look. Do not worry, if you has short hair because you can change it into pretty bob haircut. When summer days, many actress use summer short hair style with bob style that make them prettier. You want to follow their hair style? These are versions of bob haircut that are appropriate when summer days. best summer hairstyles

Simple summer bob haircut

Most of women prefer to hairstyle that is simple. The summer haircuts is simple haircut because you do not need much time to create it. First, clean your hair and dry it. After that, part your hair slowly to one side. Use your flat iron on the hair side. On the opposite side, comb and shape it to curl hair towards the face. The last, finish off with your holding hairspray.

Summer sleek bob haircut

This sleek bob is appropriate when you are laying in the beach. You can create this summer haircuts in the morning. First, apply a smoothing cream and comb through. Second, blow dry with a brush. Then, comb hair in direction of part. The last, smooth hair with flat iron. cute easy summer hairstyles

Summer soft bob haircut

In this summer, you need to create your short hair prettier when attend to a party. A summer soft bob haircut is the most appropriate summer haircuts. You can create it in a short time. If your hair is dry, spritz it with styling spray. If your hair is wet, dry it first and then spritz it. Then, blow dry with a brush and spray hair with hairspray. After that, select pieces from the front to curl back with large wand or curling iron. Then, add pieces from top for volume. The last, break curls up with fingers rapidly.

In addition, in order to your summer bob haircut more durable, you can use hairspray which provides 24 hour flexible hold. It can help people for using a long time of summer bob haircut itself because hairspray will produce a strong quality of a bob haircut. To use a hairspray is by spreading or spraying from tip of the hair into the top of the hair. Spraying from the tip into the top of the hair is for helping a strong bob haircut because spraying the root reflects a strong summer hairstyles.

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